July 10, 2018

Top Christmas Destinations

More and more people are choosing to have their Christmas holiday away from home these days. Certainly if you are looking to be able to relax this Christmas then it is worth taking a late vacation with your family. Today there are plenty of places where one can spend the Christmas period and below we list the top 10 destinations that are worth considering spending this time of year at.

Destination 1 – The USA is a great place to spend your Christmas holiday this year. As you will soon discover there is plenty for all your family to do and see whilst visiting this country. You have the choice of either spending it in New York where the Christmas lights shine brightly or if you want something a little less cold then head towards Miami, Hawaii or the Bahamas. If you have children then a wonderful place to spend Christmas would be in Disney World Florida.

Destination 2 – Although it is a long way away another place that people are going to for Christmas these days is Australia. Remember when it ‘s winter where you live in Australia it’s summer and for something a little more unusual why not spend Christmas day on the beach. In fact many Australians have a Christmas barbecue rather than the usual Christmas dinner on the beach.

Destination 3 – If you are trying to get away from the cold North winds, another place to head to for Christmas is the Caribbean Islands. Not only will the weather be much kinder but you may find that you and your family may well have much of the beach to yourself at this time of year.

Destination 4 – Another place that offers great weather in the winter and where you could spend Christmas this year is Goa, India. Based in the Indian Ocean, Goa has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but you will find that the modern facilities will provide you with a very relaxing break.

Destination 5 – Another place that you may find wonderful to spend Christmas this year at is Paris. Why not spend time relaxing in one of the many sidewalk cafes enjoying a glass of wine or a coffee and watch the city lights come on as evening descends. Also throughout Christmas fireworks are set off and the city acts as a wonderful backdrop to these. To add to the enchantment why not take a trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower to see the city in all its shining glory at night.

Destination 6 – Another place to visit for Christmas and really feel the fervour surrounding this Christmas is Rome. Here you will discover that more traditional celebrations take place and why not take time out to visit the many churches in the city which have been beautifully and tastefully decorated.

Destination 7 – It may be a strange place to visit at Christmas – but have you considered spending time in Japan? What many people do not realise that its carnival time throughout the month of December and the skies are often filled with dazzling fireworks. If you intend to spend Christmas and New Year in Japan then you should spend your time in Tokyo where things really do get a little crazy. But also take time to visit some of the many temples and hear the ringing of the bells.

Destination 8 – A place that really knows how to celebrate Christmas is Germany and in the weeks leading up to the festive season all the major towns and cities will have Christmas Markets in place. Here you can wonder around the stalls looking at many local arts and crafts along with having the chance to drink some warm Gluwein and try some of the local delicacies.

Destination 9 – If you are looking for somewhere magical to spend this Christmas then consider going to Austria. Throughout the month of December, towns and cities become winter wonderlands and at their Christmas markets you have the opportunity to try some of their special Christmas cookies.

Destination 10 – If you have young children then it is worth heading off to Finland for Christmas as this where Santa Clause resides. Along with having the opportunity to enjoy a truly white Christmas your child will actually be presented with a gift from Santa himself. During your stay why not go for a sledge ride or have a go at skiing or skating. In some places it becomes so cold you can take a walk across a frozen lake before you go and enjoy a traditional Finnish Christmas dinner.

Above we have shown you the top 10 Christmas destinations that many people choose to go to at this time of year. However, it is crucial that you arrange your accommodation well in advance to get what you want and also to get a great deal on it.

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