Tourism in New Zealand is altering its concentrate. Backpacking and bungy jumping are nevertheless well-liked but a extra affluent traveller is now going to. And extra normally.

Are you a member of this new profile? Are you an Interactive Traveller®?

Or do you cater to them?

Who is an Interactive Traveller®?

“Interactive Travellers® are common international travellers who consume a wide variety of tourism items and solutions. They are travellers who seek out new experiences that involve engagement and interaction, and they demonstrate respect for organic, social and cultural environments.” Tourism New Zealand

Tourism New Zealand has produced fantastic use of the facts that you give when you fill in all these types “for statistical purposes only”.

There is a new group of vacationers coming to New Zealand in escalating numbers. They come from a variety of nations about the planet and are extra most likely to fall into a single of two age groups: 25-34 years of age or 50-64 years.

As a member of the younger group, you possibly have not but had kids, though these of you in the older age group are most likely to be 'empty nesters' (your kids have left household) or travelling with teenagers (who need to have their personal space).

Regardless of age, you are extra most likely to have discretionary revenue out there to devote on travel. So luxury travel is an apparent decision.

Do you see oneself fitting in right here? Regardless of age-group?

In addition to these two extra common elements, as an Interactive Traveller® you are extra most likely to:

  • Study newspapers and magazines. You make a point of staying informed, following company news, present affairs and travel publications.
  • Analysis travel destinations completely. You like to know about exactly where you are going and what you can do when you get there. You analysis destinations making use of the online, guide books, word of mouth and travel agents. But you also like to leave area for spontaneity…
  • Go to the cinema, theatre, galleries and museums. You pursue culture at household and when you are away on vacation. You appreciate each modern and historical cultural experiences.
  • Be higher customers of technologies. Interactive Travellers® have totally embraced computer systems, the online, digital cameras, spend Television and other types of life-style facts technologies.
  • Aim to be healthful. You are extra most likely to workout on a regular basis and consume healthful foods. Some of you also favor organic foods.
  • Entertain at household. You get pleasure from cooking and socialising with good friends at all occasions of the year. Travel is a most likely subject of conversation.
  • Have liberal attitudes. Interactive Travellers® have open minds. You are tolerant of beliefs that never match your personal, and you are ready to listen to new suggestions.
  • Take dangers. Difficult circumstances, each mental and physical, appeal. You get pleasure from the sense of accomplishment that comes with performing anything you have not completed ahead of. Yes, you can nevertheless bungy-jump must you want.
  • Have a higher disposable revenue. Interactive Travellers® have sufficient cash to travel on a regular basis and buy higher-worth travel experiences. You are also prepared to spend extra for experiences that are genuine or exclusive.
  • Appreciate fine cuisine and wine. Meals and wine adds crucial flavour to travel, as far as the Interactive Traveller® is concerned. You anticipate hospitality of an international typical, but you also want to attempt genuine regional delicacies and cooking types.
  • Have influence in your peer group. Most importantly, you share travel stories, each at household and though you are travelling. You comply with word-of-mouth suggestions from individuals you respect, and you are a reliable supply, sharing your personal travel experiences.

Importantly, Tourism New Zealand determined that, “though Interactive Travellers® get pleasure from these points, they are not key motivations for travel to New Zealand.”

So why go to?

Your essential explanation to go to New Zealand is to interact with the landscape. Landscapes you can taste…